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SMACC accounting program

برنامج سماك المحاسبي SMACC

SMACC is a program for management accounting fully developed by a company the Arabian Sea, has begun to develop in 1986 And issued the first edition since 1988, therefore, bears this program a deep understanding of the business environment in Saudi Arabia over its long history in the market and meet the ongoing requirements of the customers technical and This program meets the desire of each facility and its needs, so it has achieved widespread as the program uses the ichthyosis is currently in more 34.000 Facility and the number of licenses to use about exporting 250 A license.

Also won the confidence of fishes Academy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the system was selected to study in accounting departments in technical colleges in the Kingdom for more than 15 Years and is still, and has released his curriculum contains an explanation of the use of the entire program. To deliberate on the student and trained to use the practical application as a prerequisite to complete the Certified Accounting Computer from technical colleges.

The program works under the environment of Windows ® and Windows Server® as it can be linked through computer networks for local and remote. Supported by the users authorization management system which facilitates the distribution of tasks on the users of the program according to their competencies, as approved by the System Administrator.

This gives the accuracy and reliability of accounting data and prevent manipulation of inputs to ensure the smooth functioning of accounting operations. This is in addition to many of the important competitive advantages that made him the first choice and months in the field of accounting systems.

The program consists of fishes accounting of several subsystems integrated in one system allows unified management of all business operations in the areas of accounting, sales, procurement, inventory, POS, and personnel, in addition to a system of attendance tied to payroll, which works using the imprint of the hand or cards magnetic.

The United Nations Programme fishes accounting spread widely in the Arab countries where there has agents in each of Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Jordan,. The program uses the customers in the United States, Singapore, China and India that the program works in both Arabic and English.

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