SMACC - Accounting program, inventory and Personnel - Part 2


نظام التقسيط

Transportation is a program of integrated program to manage the operations and the payment of installment premiums and issue promissory notes, contracts, bonds and linking it with the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency ( Sama )

Transportation system ASISTRANS

نظام النقليات ASISTRANS

Is an integrated program for the management of transportation companies for the transfer of fuel, oil, and other countries and cities, according to customer requests .

Advantages of customs clearance system

مميزات نظام التخليص الجمركي

And the program is characterized by several advantages, including
The possibility of follow-up and delivery of the goods in terms of the date of arrival
The possibility of linking the program with accounting software;

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Advantages of vehicle maintenance system

مميزات نظام صيانة السيارات

The advantage of the many advantages of the possibility of working on the system in both ( Arabic / English )

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Features system pharmacies

مميزات نظام الصيدليات

System consists of ichthyosis for the management of pharmacies of the main sections :

Inventory system – Sales – Procurement – POS – Fixed assets -

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Advantages of POS system

مميزات نظام نقاط البيع

The advantage of this system has many advantages

  • Screens and clear to ensure a comfortable speed of the user's performance.
  • Ntnaii Language (Arabic / English )

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Advantages of system transportation ASISTRANS

مميزات نظام  النقليات ASISTRANS

It features several technology features a high quality design;
And the system works in both Arabic and English and the system consists of several parts

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Features emerged

مميزات نظام التقسيط

The advantage of the Ad Hoc Ntam ichthyosis of the Department of installments required by the many advantages of origin all fall under that activity;

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